Ink 2 Cinema began from the need of a marketing tool that was quick, effective, and viral. In todays world, U.S. adults spend roughly 5.5 hours a day exposed to video content. Ink 2 Cinema offers authors, publishers, and marketers a way to put their foot through that door and get in that realm. 

Ink 2 Cinema maintains a small company in order to effectively deliver products in a quick an effective manner. Each trailer gets a unique, custom designed soundtrack for their book. Each trailer is treated with the same care and detail because each artist in our community cares about their art on a deep level (read more about them below).


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Director, editor

Evan Staley

Evan Staley is the creator of Ink 2 Cinema. Film making has been a passion for Evan since elementary school days, where a viewing of The Lord of the Rings movies spurred him to craft his own 2-part epic, featuring 30 of his third grade classmates. From there, he moved on to creating short films and documentaries, including one that earned Best Documentary in a local film festival.

He also began to professionally direct and produce music videos for rap artists and other music groups near his hometown, Dayton, in southwestern Ohio. He has expanded his horizons even further by adding wedding videos, mini-documentaries, and comedy skits to his growing portfolio. For the past two years he has been producing book trailers for publishers and authors around the U.S., and he truly believes that the synthesis between writing and film/television can be a powerful and inspirational combination.

Evan is currently a student at Columbia College in Chicago where he is majoring in cinema and video production arts. His ultimate plan is to direct feature length films but has yet to decide whether he wants to call Hollywood home. He is inspired by the ability of film and video to pull someone into analternate universe and allow them to experiment with their own passion, potential, and problems by freeing them from real-world constraints. It is his dream to infuse other people with the same positive and inspirational energy he gets from watching movies.




Alexander Heaney

Alex Heaney is a proud minion of Ink 2 Cinema. One could even say he is the inaugural minion of I2C.

Alex can’t very well recall a day in his life that hasn’t included music.  It was around 4th grade when he was handed down a freshly burned CD mixtape from his older brother. On that CD Alex found music that continues to influence him this very day. It was an incredible revelation. From then on, it became apparent to Alex that music was crucial to life, and every moment within it. He spent hours on end of his childhood compiling vast collections of music, and listening to music of all different varieties. Putting on his headphones gave musical accompaniment to a life Alex found otherwise lacking, being a resident of suburban Dayton Ohio. 

Alex’s parents provided him with a laptop freshman year of high school, on which he experimented with making his own music. Eventually, Alex’s drive to create met with Evan’s. They began filming music videos, pushing themselves to expand their artistry in every direction possible, and eventually started a business that would help others tell their stories. Of course, every good story needs a good soundtrack. Over the past few years, he has posted many songs online and worked with many artists—from rappers to folk singers. You can find his original work in several documentaries and short films as well as many book trailers. The pinnacle of his creative existence thus far has been the album his friend and he worked diligently to independently release in May of 2014. That band is called Luz Ambi. Alex also has a solo project entitled Ander Hughes. You can find both on soundcloud and bandcamp.

Along with Evan, you are free to contact him for any service you would like. Anything from freelance original compositions, to a simple pal-to-pal chat.