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Welcome to Ink 2 Cinema, a production company designed to break the barrier between writer and reader by crafting unique and universal book trailers for an affordable price.

With an experienced and talented team of artists, we work to create a book trailer that authentically tells a story but also intrigues audiences far and wide.

"With plenty of experience in marketing authors and books, I can tell you absolutely: Evan Staley has the innate ability to intrigue potential readers with his book trailers. A seamless blend of visuals and sound, each trailer he creates builds immediate suspense and interest, giving every author a solid marketing video tool, and always on budget! We recommend him to all the authors we work with!"

-Shari Stauch
Founder and CEO, Where Writers Win




Where Writers win

Our full suite of author marketing services includes author websitessocial media trainingvideo book trailers and free advice articles. PLUS, our unique Winner Circlean Author Resource Market of curated influencers, packed with vetted reviewers by genre, live book clubs, writers conferences and book festivals, writing competitions, bookstores, online tools, PR templates, videos and more.

southern yellow pine publishing

SYP Publishing promotes Southern Authors of fiction and non-fiction throughout the Southeast. We often work with new and aspiring authors, and we strive to publish unique works set in specific locals that reflect the culture of that area. We want to see unique characters brought to life and to help writers document the unusual, the lost art, the forgotten skill or the individuality of a special place of regional significance.

Writers boon

We believe that authors should concentrate only on their story, search only for inspiration. We make it super easy to find and connect with readers and publishing resources.




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